The Lou Misteriou Association is a collective of history enthusiasts, who wish to share their art and involve the local population in the creation and organization of cultural, educational, artistic and recreational shows.

Created in February 2006, the "Lou Mistériou" Association and its many volunteers have endeavored to promote with historical rigor the cultural heritage of Fréjus and its region throughout a real journey through time: 2000 years of adventures highlighted through the most significant pages of its history.

The Lou Misteriou Association aims to involve the local population in the creation and organization of cultural, educational, artistic and recreational shows.

You want to share an ATYPICAL adventure... Lou Mistériou can bring it to you.

The Association welcomes all skills on stage or behind the scenes to animate its 2023 show:

Extras, Actors, Manager, Dancers, Seamstresses, Handymen, Sound and light technicians, Logistics, Volunteers Bar, Ticket office….

Treasurer, communication and promotion agent, logistician, graphic designer...

Nine original scenarios took place in the unique setting of the Roman Theater in Fréjus with more than 100 volunteers and 500 costumes at each show:

The adventure continues, grows, develops, is constantly renewed.

It is because the History of Fréjus is abundant that we will offer you in 2023 a historical creation on an innovative and surprising scenario where Theater, Dance, Music, Fights, Special Effects,...

This year again, we will transport our audience to the heart of history by arousing emotion, humour, tenderness and pleasure.


Devenez des Participants ACTIFS à la mise en œuvre de nos prochains spectacles 2023.
Get to know our association better
LOU MISTERIOU association 

Director : Tony MASTROPIETRO
A theater professional, he is a comedian, actor, director and director. Trained in the Antonin Artaud company in Cannes, he successively joined the St-Raphael conservatory of dramatic arts and then the National theater in Nice. Within Lou Misteriou, he optimized the performance of 150 actors and extras for many months. With the participation of several friendly troupes, he seeks the best communion of multiple artistic expressions such as music, dance, juggling, costumes, sets, fights and the staging of farm animals.

The dance choreographer: Irène CORDARO
A dance teacher, she introduces volunteers to her art by developing the technique specific to the dances of yesteryear.

The costumers:
Little golden hands to be as close as possible to historical reality. It is with great patience and know-how that they have created and built several hundred models of costumes and accessories from all eras.

The scenery team:
Many behind-the-scenes volunteers: painters, draftsmen, sculptors, technicians, carpenters, assemblers work rigorously to create numerous sets according to the artistic intentions of the director.

The association's communication, scriptwriting, logistics, entertainment and administrative management teams complete the family of LOU MISTERIOU volunteers in search of a unique experience around an intergenerational project offering them a real and beautiful human adventure.
All our volunteers represent the soul of Lou Misteriou; they bring the dimension and relief that will make this show an exceptional moment. With him, talents are revealed, friendships grow and bonds are woven, as its President Jean Louis CUVILLIER likes to say.
Lou Misteriou
Siège social : ASSOCIATION LOU MISTERIOU - Maison des Associations - 642, Rue des Batteries - 83600 FREJUS
Contact : Téléphone : 06 08 16 40 93 - Email :
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